What Actual Travelling Feels Like: The Blaze – Territory

Short story inspired by the music video of The Blaze for the song "Territory".   This is what a real traveller feels like: Homeless. Without home. Not the place where you were born, not the place where you are now. And the sound of music that you float on exists of a million different cultural … Continue reading What Actual Travelling Feels Like: The Blaze – Territory

Steak Number Eight – Ashore

  Need some Rembrandt-like photoshopping techniques? You might wanna contact the creator of this vid. It seems he's tried a modern take on the Cast Away-movie. Maybe I would let go ashore. Though it is unlikely that one can awaken from a state of unconsciousness with a burning torch in one’s hand, we won't talk … Continue reading Steak Number Eight – Ashore