What Actual Travelling Feels Like: The Blaze – Territory

Short story inspired by the music video of The Blaze for the song “Territory”.


This is what a real traveller feels like: Homeless. Without home. Not the place where you were born, not the place where you are now. And the sound of music that you float on exists of a million different cultural pieces from now on.

Travelling as a word has become a trend these days. But there are different kinds of travel. Travelling away, far from home, but knowing you’ve got one, is for example very different from actual travelling: Travelling as done by the lone wolves in the movies, travelling as done by the human species centuries ago. When there is not a place on earth you actually belong, when you have become a Nowhere Man, meeting people but never really being understood, then you are a real traveller.

Your home isn’t anywhere. Not where you were born. Not where you are now. Not all the different places in between. Not the airports, not the stations, not the cities you’ve been passing by. It is simply non-existent. It is simply … You.

Flowing lost and alone is how to recognise a true traveller. The one who travels around, reluctantly, with an open mind. The one who carries his shell on his back, while moving slowly towards the one true path: The path of belonging. But all humans are fundamentally alone (no matter how big the pack is), and any real traveller knows: There isn’t any territory, any region, any people in which I’ll ever fully belong.

In truth, the real traveller is a reluctant one. It is the one floating ball that actually doesn’t like travelling at all.

Director of music video: Jonathan and Guillaume Alric (The Blaze)



Steak Number Eight – Ashore


Need some Rembrandt-like photoshopping techniques? You might wanna contact the creator of this vid. It seems he’s tried a modern take on the Cast Away-movie. Maybe I would let go ashore. Though it is unlikely that one can awaken from a state of unconsciousness with a burning torch in one’s hand, we won’t talk details here. See, this is one of the many reasons why underground music blogs are called for. Awesome song, awesome vid, yet never to be heard of on the radio. Those channels that show music videos all day long? Nothin’. I mean, how fucked up is today’s music industry, really? Cause of course, things such as Nicky Minaj are much more qualified to be shown on public television. And why would you show a music vid that kinda hints at the whole refugee-thingy to the European public? My lips are torn. Torn of asking for help, that’s for sure. One would indeed be crazy to go about that. The whole I’ve-got-to-take-one-hell-of-a-dangerous-boat-trip-etcetera-just-to-save-my-life-in-order-to-arrive-in-a-country-of-spoiled-brats-who-try-to-ignore-I-exist-thingy isn’t exactly popular in Europe. But hey, this chord is worn out. Let’s ignore the fact that the boat is probably fueled by oil taken from this man’s country. Let’s not wonder whether things would’ve been different had he been a child. No, let’s not go that far. Leaving people out to die cause there’s no extra room on the boat? Yes, one would indeed be crazy to show that to the general public.


Director of MV: Filip Sterckx