Zornik – Scared of Yourself


Think about the lies that we told to each other. All those lies, all those sentences that we tell each other, day in day out. All that stuff of which we never knew it went out of our minds, and into someone else’s. And it remains there. Strange but true. And it’s only seven years later, when you accidentally meet this person again, that you realise: what I said back then, it stuck. And you realise what a fool you were back then, and how you didn’t know what you were saying, and how you didn’t think that one, small sentence would remain stuck in the other person’s head, and you tell yourself that from now on, you’ll never say stuff like that again. But five minutes later you already forgot this promise to yourself, as we always do with important difficult things, and before you know it, you’re back in the same old place, wandering around planet Earth telling people lies that they themselves believe. What a big surprise that you’re scared of yourself, and alone, again. And that voice that was once yours, becomes a tiny voice in their heads, a tiny critic never really going away. It stays. It stucks. And never again are you reminded of the fact that this one person, a person you didn’t wish anything particularly bad, is now living his life judging himself for something stupid you once said. Because, in truth, we are all nothing but a state of mind. From the start, until the End.


Director of MV: Peter van Eyndt



Tracy Chapman – Telling Stories


There is fiction in the space between. You ever catch yourself on judging a book by its cover? Cause I have it all the time. How many times I didn’t leave a book on the shelf for this exact reason. This video clip reminds me of the few times I wasn’t wrapped up in my own head, but actually paying attention to my surroundings on a bus (or train or (fill in here)). There is fiction in the space between – my tiny dumb skull and reality. How many thoughts don’t race through that overloaded skull of mine. Unbelievable. You would do and say anything to make your everyday life seem less mundane. I know. I am aware of this fact. Take the girl who’s pretending to be in Egypt, she’s definitely having the same problem. Racing through those thoughts of her. Or the creepy Nazi guy over there. Oops, my bad. Not so much a Nazi. It’s them clothes. He should pay attention to them clothes. But take the guy who’s comforting his girlfriend over there. Oops, my bad. Not so much a guy. Let’s start over. Those thugs, definitely thugs. Thinking they can just vandalize everything. Well, I’m not afraid! I couldn’t care shit, let them go back to wherever they came from and… Oops, my bad. Not so much thug-level in the air. I’m beginning to understand the fiction part of which you speak. Sometimes a lie is the best thing. Yes. I can see why.


Director of MV: Herb Ritts