Coco Rosie – Child Bride


This is my wedding night. So it would seem. Now, you can think as you wish, but this is some very good acting for a child her age. And the singer’s voice fits the actress perfectly. The big eyebrows, the gap between her teeth, the innocent eyes: All things typically associated with kids her age. But look at her skin: Rather European, isn’t it? Interesting… Off she goes with her parents. To the guy with the black hat. The muzzle she’s wearing is by the way the perfect symbol for girls having to go through this type of thing. Watch any documentary about child marriages in India and you’ll instantly know what is implied here. You’re the bride, but never the star. The bride, but never in control. As she walks away from her parents, another important detail: Her mother wearing the exact same muzzle. It reminds me of that time I asked my father if, this time, we could go to a women-friendly country during the holidays, to which he shockingly replied: “You have got be kidding me! You’ve just excluded three fourths of the world.” Ah yes, the eternal Trump or Clinton-issue. Go for the guy who isn’t really suited for the job, or for the person who is perhaps a bit more suited, but doesn’t have a penis? Hmm… Tricky. Oh shit. I just made this a political issue, didn’t I? And a not so funny one too. Cause some things aren’t funny.


Director of MV: Emma Freeman


Michelle Gurevich – Woman is Still a Woman


Props needed for a low-budget music video: boot, acoustic guitar, gorilla suit, three Eastern men, rope, piano, one palm tree, wood chucked fire flames and an axe. I just want to be a lady on Tuesday afternoons; oh, how many woods would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Yeah, cause those two sentences together make perfect sense … Let me introduce you to something perhaps new to you: lyric puzzles (or puzzles to solve in music lyrics). This one’s apparently about the relation between chopping wood and the female ape. Or in other words: it’s about those few women out there who have to show us men, that they, too, know how to chop wood. But, you know, I, as a modern man, am very open-minded about this. My girl, for example, is just as strong as me, just as clever, just as funny, and I do have to admit that she can chuck wood. Haven’t seen this all too often in women. It takes a PhD to know what apes all understand. But now that you’ve shown me that you can kill, that you can debate and that you can DIY, it’s time to settle down, don’t you think? I mean, yes, women, too, can chop wood. I get it, okay? No, really honey, I get your point. The “we are all equal”-point. Now we’ve seen you chop the wood, leave that shit to someone else. Men, for example. But you’re very clever, sweetie. You’re very clever. Now get over here and tell me how the laundry machine works. This thing is driving me mad.

Director of MV: Michelle Gurevich