Tinariwen – Iswegh Attay


Let’s learn how to make tea. Imagine a group of nomads sitting by the fire, a camera crew, a lot of orange colouring and one man making tea. Pure relaxation is what it is. Let me introduce you to Touareg desert blues. Now, though this video is perhaps not technically difficult or experimentalist or waaaay out-of-the-box, it does have one main ingredient: Respect. Respect for earth, fire and water (apparently, wind wasn’t invited). Respect for all those little rituals we have. You definitely have one as well. That one small ritual you carry out with the utmost precision, because … Well, who knows why? Just because you’ve come to consider it as holy ground. Like, the way in which you make a cup of coffee in the morning, or the way you eat your favourite chocolate cake til the last crumble left on your plate, or, if you’re like me, the way you do the dishes to unite with your inner Zen. Or the way you roll a cigarette with full-on concentration to make it this week’s most perfect sample. Can be anything really. Cause, yes, this song may not be in your native tongue (that’s why subs exist), but you do understand the universal micro-feeling inherent to seemingly unimportant acts such as this one. Cause the video shows you, really shows you, reminds you that you do it too.  And come on, how often do you find such professional technological studio appliances in the middle of nowhere? Or perhaps it’s really just the colouring that does the trick. Or the “gathering around the fire to make music”-thingy. Either way, if you wanna enjoy a fun (tea) party, this is how to go about it.


Director of MV: AntiRecords


Black Box Revelation – Lust or Love


So you see this guy on a tiny chair tapping vigorously with his foot on a drum in the middle of snowy nowhere. Lust or love. I don’t know what’s better. Said Bluebeard. Ah yes, the eternal dilemma of our love lives. Should one go for lust, or for love? My head you turn, my words you twist. We’ve all been there, yes. Those gals, always twisting words. Seems like their favourite thing to do to pass the time. Oooh, you know what I mean. Yes, we do. We know all too well. How many times I had to force myself trying not to twist words of boyfriends. Their faces when you start twisting… Scared to death. Hilarious. Gets me every single time. But this guy gets it though. Unfortunately. I need a little push, help me to decide. Totally confused by the whole lust or love-issue. Look at him go. Losin’ his mind out there in the snow, soon to be a ring of fire. Lust or love, do they come together? Bam! Was that the most awesome dance-move ever to that question or what?! But, yes, do they come together, indeed? Like, when you’re in that position where you really like someone purely because of the physical chemistry going on there? And, oh, then there’s this one person where the mental chemistry is Off Tha Hook, but ta-daa, no lust whatsoever. Wouldn’t it be cool to have both kind of chemistries all in one place? Like, chemistry all over the place? Lust or love? Tricky question. Deep shit, man. Very abstract. And hey, awesome job in keeping the abstractness in the video. Fire in the snow whilst losing your mind. Great storyline.


Directors of MV (aka BBR & friends): Jan Paternoster, Elisabeth Van Lierop, Oliver Bogaert, Jannik Dolferus & Jonas Winand