Tinariwen – Iswegh Attay

  Let’s learn how to make tea. Imagine a group of nomads sitting by the fire, a camera crew, a lot of orange colouring and one man making tea. Pure relaxation is what it is. Let me introduce you to Touareg desert blues. Now, though this video is perhaps not technically difficult or experimentalist or … Continue reading Tinariwen – Iswegh Attay

Black Box Revelation – Lust or Love

  So you see this guy on a tiny chair tapping vigorously with his foot on a drum in the middle of snowy nowhere. Lust or love. I don’t know what’s better. Said Bluebeard. Ah yes, the eternal dilemma of our love lives. Should one go for lust, or for love? My head you turn, … Continue reading Black Box Revelation – Lust or Love