Human Betrayal: Chinese Man – Wolf


There’s something really mesmerising with music videos that tell a story that is, in truth, a metaphor for something else. Specifically if it is a metaphor for a specific kind of feeling, like restlessness or the feeling of being lost or, worse, trapped. Usually I am rather sceptic of any music video made by Chinese Man. Because even though this French producer has got an awful good taste in aesthetically beautiful movie making, his videos somehow always seem to be missing a clear meaningful message, like they’ve been made by a directing genius who is too creative for his own good.

This video, however, totally hits the mark. Perhaps it is just me, perhaps I had just found myself in the right emotional mood to watch it, but I do have to say: I felt truly emotionally moved by the story in this video. And to explain my feeling, you’ll need some translation of the French lyrics or quotes taken from the Jin-Roh anime movie.

C’est toujours comme ça dans les contes pour enfants. Chaque fois c’est le loupe qui est le méchant. Which would translate to: “It’s always like that in children’s stories. Each time it is the wolf who is the bad guy”.

A quote that is interestingly separated in two pieces and interrupted by a verse line taken from NAS’s rap song “One Love“: I need the time alone to relax my dome, no phone, … . One could only guess what this line is doing in there.

Ce n’est pas un être humain que tu trahis. Which would translate to: “It is never a human being that you have betrayed.”

Now, you watch that video and you put the pieces together. Cause this time he’s really done it. Chinese Man’s samples combined with Classical, Dubstep and Drum ‘n Bass vibes turn this whole almost instrumental song completely upside down. And the video turns the song into a full-blown children’s story totally worthy of the next Music Video Award. Specifically the chase of a human being and its wolf counterpart are a total enrichment of the viewer’s own deeper inner life. I’d be genuinely surprised if this video has not surpassed a million YouTube views by the end of 2018.

Directors of this Music Video:
Chinese Man Records & Vincent Cappello and Matthieu Di Stefano (Zé Mateo) of JustLikeWow! Productions



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