Live – Ludovico Einaudi, “Experience” @London, 2013

Need instant support, or perhaps an inspirational video? Watch Ludovico play. Trust me, your heart will feel so much fuller afterwards. Are you tired of the thought overdose in your head, all that mumbling in the background, the big mashup of contradictory feelings you wish you didn’t feel? Are you, in short, tired of having to think or feel? Need a mindful moment? In which your thinking abilities stand totally still? Few musicians can get you to this point, while still implying complexity within and before you, just by the way their faces are shaped when playing the piano. It’s the kind of rhythm you cannot not hear; the one that makes your head shake involuntarily. It’s the external headache, the almost religious surrender to an instrument, the human connection on a deeper, rhythmitical level of a group of human beings using instruments to tap into the human brain, the thorough understanding of Life’s many obstacles and the obstacles within ourselves, the positive melancholy of feeling you have lost and/or forgotten some infinite thing of beauty, the contrasts of good and bad, or even the feeling good within the bad; it’s that rhythmic feeling you can’t control, the force in between your braincells that wants to break out, the feeling of perhaps not being good enough, of being a fraud, someone very unlike you, the feeling you can’t get there, not quite yet; the feeling of not knowing how to live, or think, or feel – the feeling of mere experience. It’s all of that, all into one, that makes you, just for a minute, forget where you are, or how to go from here, or what to think or feel; it’s the mindful use of your eyes and ears and deep inner Self, who, at the moment, is just Here.

Director of MV: Fabric London

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